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Beard Clay vs Oil: Which Makes More Sense for Your Beard?

Beard Clay vs Oil: Which Makes More Sense for Your Beard?

Beard Balm vs Oil. Which is better for your beard game? Read here to see which way the dice rolls.
Beard Balm vs Oil

The beard clay v oil battle didn’t start today. Ever since some folks started using one for the other, it’s been pretty much “yeah, either one is fine but do you really need both?”

Just so you know, both have specific applications for beard care. They both do their bit towards ensuring that men can maintain handsome manes of facial hair that turn heads everywhere we go. 

But as with every 1 v 1 battle, one simply has to go down. So we thought we’ll pitch the battle in this article. Beard balm v oil, which one makes the most sense for you? Which one gives you the best results? Let’s find out below. 

A bit about beard clay and beard oil

We’ve had quite a few reports of dudes comparing beard clay and oil. Some question whether there’s any choice to be made between the two. Yet, others assume they are one and the same. Well, that’s definitely not true. 

  • Beard Clay

Beard clay is a cosmetic product that plays the dual role of leave-in conditioner and styling/shaping aid. The texture of beard clay is unlike greasy balms, stiff waxes, or shiny pomades. It moisturizes, conditions, softens and helps make your beard easier to style. 

Also, as a leave-in conditioner, you do not have to worry about rinsing it off. Aside from moisturizing your facial hair, a good beard clay also provides a measure of hold for styling your hair. It also makes your beard look thicker.

You should go for beard balms that have high quality sealants such as cera belina, beeswax, lanolin or BTMS. These sealants are skin-friendly and less likely to set your skin tingling. They also help your beard look thicker.

  • Beard Oil

Beard oil is an oil-based cosmetic product that is used to nourish the beard and the skin under the beard. It is a light moisturiser in clear liquid form. It can be applied throughout your beard and the skin underneath quickly and without much effort. It gives your beard a soft, shiny and smooth look. It is composed of carrier oils and essential oils and that make it more effective in hydrating the skin when used on shorter or trimmed beards.

As is the case with beard balm, the ingredients in beard oil are what makes it great for you. Good beard oil should have any or most of Jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and argan oil. It should also have essential oils that give it a great scent.

As your beard hair grows longer, there’s a chance that it’ll become coarser and drier. This is because nutrients from your hair follicles can not travel long distances and as such have a harder time reaching the outer parts of your beard.

Beard oil helps you get nutrients for those hair strands that are too far from the skin. Longer beards also prevent the skin underneath from staying moisturized. This can cause itchiness and flakes, thus creating an undesirable environment for beard growth.

Beard oil keeps your beard and the skin beneath it well hydrated. This leaves your beard softer, free from itch, and with a shine to boot.

Beard Clay vs Oil: Which is better?

As you’ve seen, beard clay and oil have very specific roles that they play in your facial hair care regimen. But they also have areas where they intersect in function and application. So who gets to own this bit of turf? Here’s beard balm v oil.

  • Beard Clay vs Oil: Which one conditions better?

The set of ingredients in both cosmetic products are in focus here. While beard oil contains carrier oils, essential oils and sometimes Vitamin E oil, beard clay contains the first two as well as BTMS and cera bellina as well as water soluble products and humectants such as aloe, witch hazel, and silk proteins. 

  • Beard Clay vs Oil: Which one styles better?

The ingredients in beard oil make it difficult for it to help you shape or form your beard. Since it’s basically oil, all it can do is add sheen and lustre to your beard. That won’t help much in styling. 

The presence and quantity of beeswax in beard clay provides a degree of hold for your beard for a few hours, thus making it the a common favourite for styling. 

  • Beard Clay vs Oil: Which one is more portable and durable?

The packaging of the two products is under the spotlight here. The two products are usually housed in small containers, which makes for easy portability. But, the nature of the containers is material here too. 

Beard oil is usually stored in amber glass bottles so as to prevent the penetration of Ultra Violet rays, which can destroy the integrity of its ingredients. The fact that the bottles are made from glass makes them easily breakable and not a great choice if you can’t commit to the careful handling of the bottle.

Beard Clay, is housed in a metal tin or plastic jar often with a screw top. This makes beard clay incredibly durable and easy to carry with you on any kind of trip. 

  • Beard clay v Oil: Which one moisturizes better?

Due to its relative thickness and hold, beard clay does not always make for the best moisturizer. It can often be difficult to get a fairly even application with most beard balm products and more often than not, it ends up leaving the skin beneath the beard unattended. 

Beard oil makes more sense here since it is less thick and can be more evenly spread. The mix of oils present in the product are also great for nurturing your beard and they can easily get at the skin underneath. 

However, other products, like Vainglory's Beard Clay, have humectants which moisturize by holding water and water based products close to the hair follicle. These humectants are never in beard oils owing to their water soluble nature. In many ways, they can provide even more moisturizing action than beard oils.

  • Beard Clay vs Oil: Application for beard length

Both products are really great for any length of beard. Although beard oil makes more sense for you if you want to keep your hair roots healthy. It can reach deeper and makes crucial contact with your skin, keeping it healthy and free from irritation. 


There’s not real difference between the two when it comes to their importance in your beard care routine. While beard clay makes a lot of sense as a conditioner due to its BTMS content, beard oil is the better moisturizer. So neither is really better. They both work to the same end, keeping your beard full and healthy. 

But when it comes to sheer versatility, you might want to look outside these two entirely. Beard clay gives you the functionality of both beard balm and beard oil. It acts as beard balm by providing shape without the stiffness you might encounter with wax and it acts as beard oil with its mix of essential oil blends which soothes the skin under your beard.

While beard balm and beard oil are really great options for your beard game, Vainglory Beard and Moustache Clay gives you the two-in-one package. With its high hold and low shine, it is the perfect product for your beard. Visit beardclay.com to try it out today.