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Bringing Back The Roaring 20s

Bringing Back The Roaring 20s

In The Roaring 20s, being different, eccentric, yet still well-groomed was celebrated. Isn’t it time we brought that kind of sexy back?
Bringing Back The Roaring 20s

Mobsters. Jazz. Counterculture. Prohibition. Style. The 1920s was an era of prosperity and dissipation, conflict, and celebration. It was a time in the country when people wanted to dance, go to the theater, and drink alcohol, in spite of (or especially because) they weren’t supposed to. The women in this era donned flapper dresses, bobbed hair, and short skirts, while many men enjoyed more relaxed “sportswear” and finely-groomed mustaches. Everyone took great pride in their looks and clothing and images were important. When men wore facial hair, they did it in a clean, well-groomed fashion.

As we enter a new decade this year in 2020, we’re bringing back the distinguished, fashionable looks from the last century. Grab your leisure suit and comb your beard, The Roaring 20s look is dapper, stylish, and sharp.

How are you going to top off the put-together look? Start using a premium beard product, like Vainglory’s Beard Clay, of course. This product will help you highlight one of your most exceptional features: facial hair. Proudly reject social norms and standards, just as the men did when they paved the way for modernizing their looks in the era of jazz. There will be no more unruly facial hair or unkempt beards and mustaches; we’re bringing sexy back with a premium product that will give you the beard that will be the envy of all of your friends.

Facial hair in The Roaring 20s

During the decade of the 1920s, the party was on. Men’s fashion became diverse and well-known icons like Charlie Chaplin, Cary Grant, and Rudolph Valentino introduced styles of leisure clothes, sportswear, sweaters, and knickerbockers. Most men kept their hair short, and many kept their faces clean-shaven, but for those who dared to sport facial hair, a clean mustache or finely-groomed beard was finished with a nice product before they went out on the town.

Taming the Savage Man

Don’t think there was only one look that was popular during the decade of jazz. Everyone wasn’t clean cut in The Roaring 20s. Full beards made a comeback in certain circles, where snowy-haired industrialists and railroad tycoons ruled the land. But to tame the savage man, using a premium beard product is a must. When a savage man’s beard gets out of hand or hasn’t received any recent TLC, Beard Clay comes to the rescue. There’s no better time than the present to rein in your unruly facial hair using this premium product that won’t leave a residue on your hand, phone, or loved one’s lips.

What type of legend are you?

Which of the three categories on the spectrum of facial hair do you fall into? And what should you do to mimic the iconic style of The Roaring 20s?

I am savage hear me roar. 
Even a savage man can clean up nicely. You need the best beard care product on the market to refine your facial hair, and we’ve got it right here.

Clean, mean, very-put-together man-machine. 
If clean-shaven is your style, we won’t judge you here. Carry on.
Meet me in the middle.
Maybe you’re searching for the best beard product for growth. Check. Or you’re dying to experiment with a ‘stache? Check. Perhaps you just want to tame your unruly whiskers? Check. Vainglory Beard Clay has a product for every middle-of-the-road facial hair experiment you want to try. And when you use our products, you’ll look good, smell good, and feel good while doing it.

In The Roaring 20s, being different, eccentric, yet still well-groomed was celebrated. Isn’t it time we brought that kind of sexy back? Visit Beardclay.com and start re-defining your style today.