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For the ladies: all beards are not created equal

For the ladies: all beards are not created equal

Ladies, let’s talk about facial hair. You know you like it. Bearded men are a cut above the rest.
For the ladies: all beards are not created equal

We are calling all ladies who dig men with beards! 

Ladies, let’s talk about facial hair. You know you like it. Bearded men are a cut above the rest. They’re attractive, masculine, they ooze confidence, and if they have the right beard, you might want to rip their clothes off and well, you know.

There’s something uber-sexy about a man with a beard that clean-shaven men don’t have. Here’s the thing -- all beards are not created equal. If your man has a beard and he keeps it soft and well-groomed, you’re winning. If he needs a little help in the beard department, we have just the thing to turn your world around: beard clay. We’ll prove that it’s better than other beard products.

Ladies like beards

Men with beards are hot. They’re viewed by most women as masculine, dominant, and rated as more attractive than those without beards, according to a study conducted by Psychology Today. What’s your take? Consensus, according to the study, is that different types of beards ignite mixed emotions for ladies:

  • Light stubble: most attractive. Preferred as short and long-term partners.
  • Intermediate facial stubble: more attractive for a sex partner.
  • Full beard: most masculine, dominant, and socially mature. Women perceive them as good fathers, healthy, and trustworthy.
  • No beard/clean-shaven: there’s a market for these type of men. But not in our circle.

If you’re still reading, you must like a manly man. Good on you. We’re ready to show you how to take your man’s beard to the next level. But first, we feel like we have to state the obvious: The wrong beard is a deal-breaker. Scratchy beards mean scratched faces and thighs. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

When you’ve found the one (man, not beard), you want to keep him forever. If he has a beard, you know that the right beard can be magical. Your man might need a little coaching and guidance from you to ensure he looks, smells, and feels juuust how you like.

The right ingredients = a perfect beard

We created Vainglory Beard Clay because we don’t mess around. As Veterans of the Special Forces, we’ve lived through the harshest conditions and created a product that can withstand just about anything. We learned that inferior beard products leave an oily residue on anything they touch, smell like a flower garden, an ashtray, or just plain funky. Many of these products don’t even work. 

Finally — a product men and women can agree on

Beard Clay is made using the highest quality ingredients on the market. We want only the best for your men, ladies. Think of it like a haircut -- do you want a $5 supercut from an amateur or a luxurious salon treatment with a deep shampoo, scalp massage, precise cut and color, and full blowout? We know the answer. 

When you get a Porsche for the same price as a Corolla, you win.

The most premium beard product

Beard Clay is not like other beard products. While most other beard products are made solely of a combination of wax and oil, Vainglory Beard Clay includes ingredients designed to improve the health of your man's hair and skin. Aloe Vera, panthenol (a B vitamin), silk proteins that squeeze into the fine cracks of a hair follicle, and a host of other ingredients all work together to provide your man's face with the fullest beard, and the healthiest skin and hair. Some features include:

  • It’s water-soluble. The ingredients calm skin, prevent itching, decrease frizz, and encourage new beard growth
  • It glides on smooth, won’t leave residue on anything it touches and softens hairs, so you want to rub right up in that beard
  • It’s crafted from essential oils and has no concretions, extractions, or harsh chemical perfumes

Get your man squared away

Ladies, be honest. Sometimes your man needs a little help in the grooming department. He can’t read your mind (even though you want him to). ‘Tis the season to give him exactly what you know he needs. If you both want to enjoy the soft, silky strands of whiskers, stuff his stocking with Beard Clay. Click here to buy.