Is VainGlory similar to a mustache and beard wax? VainGlory is more than a mustache and beard wax. It’s built more like a leave in conditioner except you don’t have to raid your girlfriend’s makeup drawer to get your hands on it.


A lot of beard products contain coconut oil does Vainglory? There’s no coconut oil in VainGlory because coconut oil is garbage. It has the highest comedogenic (read: pimple causing) rating of any oil. It offers nothing in the way of hold or conditioning, and leaves beard greasy and shiny. Plus, beards that smell like food are off-putting. Coconut oil is trendy, but we’re not into it.


What type of beard is VainGlory for? VainGlory is for skin that is growing new beards or for old-growth beards. Every ingredient that goes into this product is something I put on my face. Every oil I picked for its specific properties. The additives (like witch hazel and pantethenol) are all things I’ve researched. This is truly a bespoke product that I get to share with you. But you have to know someone to get it.


What is Clay? Clay is a cosmetics term like pomade or gel based on where your product falls between high and low hold, and shine or matte finish. Gel has high shine and high hold; the hold is from cross-polymer linkages. Pomade has high shine and medium to high hold; the hold is from stiff waxes. Cream (Bryll cream) has low hold and medium shine; the hold is from oils. Clay falls in the high hold low shine category.