The Legend of VainGlory

Relaxed grooming for operational missions is authorized in accordance with written authorization by the Commander Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Arabian Peninsula…

The Beginning

Vainglory was created by a Special Forces (Green Beret) Medic while serving on contingency operations around the world. These missions required members of his Team to be on “relaxed grooming standards” allowing them to grow beards, to meet operational needs.

The Problem

It is necessary to maintain a “professional” appearance as the beard grows. With this in mind Bryan searched for products to help tame his Teammates beards but finding only women’s hair products, as men’s beard care was still just a niche market, not even available online.

The Solution

AVT VIAM INVENIAM AVT FACIAM – I will find a way or make one.

Green Berets are resourceful if they cannot find a way they will make one. Creating his own product was the only way he could help his Team. He spent many hours researching hair care products, cosmetics, and emulsions. Armed with this knowledge he handpicked every ingredient that went into making the finest beard clay in the world.

You have to know someone

Bryan made Vainglory for personal use and to help his Team, with any extra that he made given to other bearded friends. To be able to use the finest beard clay you had to know someone, until now.